By doing all the groundwork, we can make your search for your rental property straightforward and simple.

Most of our letting clients are from overseas making it difficult for them to organised viewings. We put the hard work in so when you arrive, your time is spent wisely looking at only the most suitable properties. We will put together a tour over the allocated time period ensuring you see only the best, most suitable properties on the rental market at that time.

As with sales, the clients property letting brief is the most important part of the process to get right. Before contacting any agents, we will ensure we have your exact requirements. We will send you a form that will help outline and identify your exact needs.


Restored Homes, makes personalized design consultancy for all-renovation-property and also for your projects of interior design.

We select the best local professionals as architects, construction companies and craftsmen to make real your dream’s home.

We coordinate and organize all the activities and we follow them for you in all phases of the project. We work closely with the customer, based on quality, reliability and efficiency.


Investing in Italy can be difficult without the support of the right specialists. You could be worried about the management of the property.

Restored Homes provides a professional, reliable and cost effective management service. It allows our clients to invest in any kind of property without any worries.

As a local Italian services consultant and as a management company in Le Marche Region, we can easily resolve any incident that needs immediate attention, in a cost effective way, and with minimum worries for the owner.


Restored Homes is the Property Finder and Property Search service that follow you search the best Villas Farmhouse in LE MARCHE Region and surroundings for buying or for your personal private holidays. We are very highly specialized in helping foreign clients to invest in LE MARCHE Region. Whether your purchase is an investment or a definitive change of your lifestyle, we help you to make the best possible choice and in the safest way.


If you intend to invest in Italy for a propertie, the best decision you can take is to find a property search consultant who can drive you through the complicate buying process.


The travel starts choosing the perfect property. We deal only for you with notary, mortgage lender and surveyors to save your money, your time and the hassle.


With the advice of trusted architects and builders we help in the renovation and restoration of your home with a highly specialized interior design and furniture selection service.


Running a home abroad can be difficult for distance or lack of local knowledge. We offer a wide range of services including maintenance works and housemaid services.