Restored Homes, makes personalized design consultancy for all-renovation-property and also for your projects of interior design.

We select the best local professionals as architects, construction companies and craftsmen to make real your dream’s home.

We coordinate and organize all the activities and we follow them for you in all phases of the project. We work closely with the customer, based on quality, reliability and efficiency.


Investing in Italy can be difficult without the support of the right specialists. You could be worried about the management of the property.

Restored Homes provides a professional, reliable and cost effective management service. It allows our clients to invest in any kind of property without any worries.

As a local Italian services consultant and as a management company in Le Marche Region, we can easily resolve any incident that needs immediate attention, in a cost effective way, and with minimum worries for the owner.

Restored Homes follow, help and support you in all phases of the project.